A low density Urban Residential Environment

The architectural project contemplates only 14 houses, that along with the already existing 12 provide generous spaces for ideal gardens to cultivate green areas and reforest this space with Tommy Atkins and Keiit Mango varieties, besides Papelillo Rojo, Prickly Pear, Neem, Eardrop Tree, amongst other native species in the area.

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    Homes available for pre-sale in the Selva Maaku community.

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  • Location

    Conveniently located 700 meters from downtown and just 1 mile from Sayulita Beach.

  • Lifestyle

    Live the Selva Máaku lifestyle where every feels like a vacación.

  • selvamaaku house model

Life in Sayulita, Rewild Concept

Mankind in its passage through Nature has left its footprint throughout centuries. Fortunately, the resistance of nature is amazing. We understand the REWILD concept as the opportunity to help our natural for the environment to maintain itself firm in its steps to recuperate vegetation and fauna spaces for the local wildlife.

We have our own 2.2 hectare nursery (a surface equal to the surface of the development) to cultivate species of native trees, generate a sanctuary for fowl, replanting our development and others that may come in the near future.

sayulita map